Our Practice Areas

Worker's Compensation

The Law Offices of G. M. Rego, P. C. represents hundreds of individuals and families each year from all areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island who are involved in worker’s compensation proceedings. We have also successfully represented families in connection with wrongful death claims and other complex worker’s compensation matters. This is a specialized and demanding area of the law that requires quick action and a lot of anticipatory work. Taking no measures to see an attorney after suffering disabling injuries at work is a recipe for disaster. We have the experience and knowledge to bring your case to a just resolution. We are equipped to act swiftly and to provide you with the information necessary to prevent irreversible loss of benefits and exposure to job termination. We can also provide you with competent advice and representation regarding other related areas of the law such as social security disability and temporary disability insurance.

Personal Injury

Personal injury litigation is a significant part of our practice. We have represented thousands of individuals and their families with respect to claims arising from auto accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, slip and falls, dog bites and other causes. A lot of the cases that we have successfully handled have involved hotly disputed issues of law that required extensive complex litigation. While we are selective with the cases that we take, we are not afraid to fully litigate cases that other attorneys have rejected because they considered them to be too complicated, too risky or simply required too much work. We take pride in the fact that we have obtained, for our clients, excellent results through litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Estate Planning

Our firm has, for many years, helped families plan for their future and ensure that their assets passed to the next generation in their most desired manner. We have to provide an avenue for heirs to receive their deceased parents’ property free from some legal encumbrances that may arise without proper planning. We have also been successful in helping property owners plan with respect to a possible stay in a nursing home or for the need of long term care via Medicaid. We provide a variety of services which include the preparation of simple documents such as wills, homesteads, powers of attorney, living wills and power of attorneys, as well as more involved planning through revocable trusts to avoid probate; special needs trusts, credit shelter trusts and irrevocable I.O. trusts with advanced Medicaid provisions.

Medicaid Planning

As we grow older, it is important to consider the impact that our potential admission to a nursing home would have on our finances and our ability to give assets to our children upon our death. The legal provisions that control Medicaid eligibility can be obscure and difficult to grasp for some of us. Over the years, our firm has acquired the necessary experience and knowledge to provide legal advice on these issues in a way that it is both easily understood by our clients and effective in accomplishing their desired goals.

Medical Malpractice

When a hospital, a doctor, or a health professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes harm to a patient, the consequences can be catastrophic. There are a myriad of possible situations where someone may be injured because of a health professional’s bad judgment or neglectful errors. Some of those situations include mistaken diagnosis, incorrect treatment or poor execution of a medical procedure. Oftentimes those errors result in permanent physical damage, irreparable financial losses and great emotional distress. If you have questions regarding a possible medical malpractice situation, we can help.

Social Security

Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can be difficult even for individuals who suffer from severe ailments that prevent them from being able to work. The provision of key information and relevant medical evidence is essential to any Social Security benefits application. Many people are bound to pursue their appeals at court hearings before administrative judges and, in many such situations, having competent legal representation could be critical to the applicants’ success.