A young girl from Plymouth, Massachusetts was awarded in February of this year $63 million by a Massachusetts jury that found Johnson & Johnson liable of failing to warn the public adequately about the potential side effects of children’s Motrin, a very popular household medication. The family reflected on the verdict of the jury as “a historic day for consumer safety”. Samantha Reckis was just seven years old in 2003 when she was given children’s Motrin due to a fever. As she continued to take the drop her symptoms worsened. She suffered of a condition known as toxic epidermal necrolysis, which is a extremely painful skin condition caused by an adverse reaction to medication, notably ibuprofen. This type of condition is the most severe form of a skin disorder called Stevens – Johnson syndrome. She required numerous surgeries and prolonged hospitalizations and ended up losing most of her skin. As a result of her condition she became legally blind.