Compensation for Disability and Injuries at Work

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The Law Offices of G. M. Rego, P. C. represents hundreds of individuals and families each year from all areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island who are involved in worker’s compensation proceedings. We have also successfully represented families in connection with wrongful death claims and other complex worker’s compensation matters. This is a specialized and demanding area of the law that requires quick action and a lot of anticipatory work. Taking no measures to see an attorney after suffering disabling injuries at work is a recipe for disaster. We have the experience and knowledge to bring your case to a just resolution. We are equipped to act swiftly and to provide you with the information necessary to prevent irreversible loss of benefits and exposure to job termination. We can also provide you with competent advice and representation regarding other related areas of the law such as social security disability and temporary disability insurance.

Over the years, our firm has been involved in cases which have resulted in large settlements such as:

$ 450,000 – Injured worker suffered severe knee injuries.

$ 400,000 – Injured worker suffered foot injuries.

$ 350,000 – An employee injured his left forearm and ulnar fingers while capping a pipe on a piece of wood.*

$ 350,000 – Worker fell off of a stage and fractured both ankles.*

$ 220,000 – Injured worker suffered low back injuries. *

$ 225,000 – Injured worker suffered multiple lumbar disc herniations. *

$ 181,000 – Employee suffered a crushing injuries by machine in minor hand.

$ 115,000 – Employee fractured ankle.

$ 175,000 – Employee suffered fracture to his leg which led amputation below the knee.

$ 225,000 – Employee suffered carpal tunnel syndrome.

$ 125,000 – Employee suffered multiple fractures.

$ 110,000 – Employee developed carpal tunnel syndrome and RSD.